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Corporate Interior Design in Singapore is often neglected due to cost savings from the small and medium enterprise in the country. More often these businesses tend to cut corners and save on capital expenditures during the office fit out. Local clients intending to renovate their office space prefer to hire contractors than actual interior design companies.


The Cost Factor

Price is the main reason why clients prefer contractors to interior design companies. These contractors are usually one-man shows that sub-contract the works to smaller sub-contractors specialized in each individual task.

The contractors hire freelancers to draw simple layouts. Or gets drawings and ideas from prospective clients who asked for test fits or design proposals (RFP) from various interior design companies. Consequently, the interior design companies just work for free.

One lazy afternoon while taking a dip in the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands hotel something caught my attention. Looking at the vast expanse of office buildings at the Central Business District wondering everything should be booming in the corporate real estate market. Office design and renovation should be at its peak. Interior Design companies should be so busy and the staff should have lots of sleepless nights.

The Office Designer serviced office

ARID Builders has been renovating office space for the past 10 years. To satisfy the clients need for an office renovation budget or immediate cost estimate, we came up with a fast and nearly accurate assumption of a complete office fit-out from bare to a semi-fitted take-up of an office space in Singapore.

Check out JLL's report on the cost of office fit-out HERE and Knight Franks report HERE

The Office Designer - Cost of Fitting out an Office Space

Almost every city in the world has a different office fit-out process. However, in Singapore, the procedures are quite straightforward. ARID Builders have prepared a quick guide to an office renovation project from inception to completion.

The Planning Stage

  • The client and designer will arrange for a preliminary meeting to establish the office requirements.
  • Furthermore, the design and build company will perform a site audit to study the space, verify site measurements, take photos and investigate the M&E systems.
  • Next, The team will provide preliminary test-fits and space plans for the office design.
  • Upon approval of the test-fit the design and build company will prepare an (LOA) Letter of Appointment for client endorsement.
  • After acceptance of the LOA, the company will conduct an assessment of the building management and (QP) Qualified Personnel requirement for submission and vetting purposes.

planning stage